About Pride Of Nyla's Founder

Jasmine Price, LCPC

Greetings! My name is Jasmine and I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.  

As a clinician, my goal is to support you as you find empowerment, become self- aware, restore and improve relationships, and find inner peace. 

My academic career prepared me for my work as a therapist. However, my life experiences made me a better therapist. My personal journey and healing process have aligned me with the clinician I am and the approach I take with my clients. 

I have experience and enjoy working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. But I am especially passionate about forming therapeutic partnerships with adults who are seeking support as they gain insight into self and empowerment, recognize and interrupt generational cycles of dysfunction in order to begin the healing process.

It is important for me to take a holistic approach to your treatment. I believe that your mental health needs are just as important and your physical and spiritual health needs. My job as your therapist or consultant is to provide backing as you discover what works for you or your organization to be it's best self! 

Issues Addressed:

Race & Gender
Parenting Concerns
Domestic Violence
Work Related Trauma
Domestic Violence
Child Behavior Concerns
Life Transitions
Pre-marital/Marriage Counseling





Children/Adolescents (5+ & up)


Military Personnel 

Police Officers (active & retired)